SAP XI/PI Consultant

Key Function: To provide Consulting Services

Key Objectives:

  • Analysis of business requirements
  • Design and implementation of full solutions
  • Identify integration issues and develop solutions to these issues
  • Coach and develop skills within a project team
  • Work effectively in mixed Client and Consultancy teams


  • Is able to own the production and delivery of a presentation to middle managers
  • Uses a broad range of consultancy tools when delivering work
  • Listens to people and only talks when a positive contribution can be made
  • Can facilitate a client workshop
  • Can develop part of an overall client presentation and deliver it competently
  • Uses a set of basic consulting tools
  • Is able to conduct one-to-one interviews with middle managers
  • Can contribute to a mixed workshop process

Content Excellence:

  • Able to work with client to confirm requirements
  • Understands the general strategic and operational dimensions of the relevant industry and applies to solution
  • Can lead functional or technical design workshops
  • Can explain the implementation methodology and relate it to different scenarios where it has been used
  • Is able to take client needs and translate them into an appropriate technical solution
  • Can design and adjust solution within the business context

Delivery Excellence:

  • Able to effectively manage a team of client team members
  • Understands delivery within a fixed price model and able to operate effectively within those constraints
  • Can take ownership of sub-plans for specific IBP's and can plan own time to ensure project milestones are met
  • Able to take an issue, then plan and deliver a solution using own initiative, with little guidance
  • Identifies and escalates issues and risks within project structure
  • Can build strong relationships with consultants within the project
  • Able to receive feedback / coaching on performance from other members of the team positively

Client Development:

  • Can contribute technical or procedural sections to a simple proposal
  • Can identify and escalate business development opportunities


  • Extensive SAP experience - Essential
  • Able to install (or to assist & cross train others) in the installation of SAP XI version 3.0 - Essential
  • Analyse & assess clients required system landscape & identify interfaces which could be realized via SAP XI 3.0 - Essential
  • Capable of identifying key sizing information from expected interfaces & thus impact of the integration (SAP XI 3.0) solution - Essential
  • Lead interface design workshops & co-ordinate client input, technical legacy/heritage system resources & SAP Functional resources, to document functional & technical interface designs - Essential
  • Configure & develop interfaces between systems via SAP XI 3.0, covering connections, data mapping, routing, business logic/rles & persistence/control - Essential
  • Interface SAP XI 3.0 with other connectors (or middleware) - Essential
  • Integrate SAP XI 3.0 to the final SAP API's (BAPI's, IDOC's or Function modules - Essential
  • Integrate SAP CRM with SAP XI 3.0 - Essential
  • Able to assist with other middleware based functional & technical designs, when required tactically, if any SAP XI 3.0 limitations are identified, thus requiring other middleware solutions - Essential
  • Liaise & co-ordinate with SAP Vendor resources for any joint SAP working & any Vendor solution assistance/investigation - Essential
  • General XML & webservice experience to support open web based application integration, as well as broad understanding of other protocols or approaches - Essential
  • Capable of cross training others in SAP XI 3.0 - Essential
  • Able to assist with SAP CRM or SRM functional configuration if necessary - Essential
  • Suitably skilled and trained in SAP XI to be acceptable to clients as a premium skilled resource - Essential
  • SAP PI 7.0 - Desirable
  • Language skills or project experience outside the UK - Desirable
Vacancy for: SAP XI/PI Consultant
Location: UK + Travel
Aspire Contact: Tony Williams
Phone: +441342 833939