Technical Architect

Key Function: To provide Consulting Services

Key Objectives:

  • Lead the design, acquisition and build of large broad -scope SAP architectures within complex potentially multi-national IS landscapes.
  • Support the delivery of transformation programme outcomes through the delivery of an appropriate technical architecture.
  • Confidently and positively contribute to broader Information Systems and support strategy and design.
  • Support the rapid development of complex SAP architecture designs to support bids.
  • Assist senior client side IS staff assess the impact of SAP on their existing IS landscape and capability. Develop and gain acceptance for an approach to transition to a post SAP IS strategy and landscape.
  • Design and procures complex, broad-scope SAP technical architectures that:
  • Support long term client business objectives
  • Support the programme objectives
  • Demonstrably operate to SLA in both near and long terms.
  • Take a lead hands-on role in the build of complex SAP architectures. The Technical Architect will be regarded as a technical 'Guru' by his team and the programme. The Technical Architect will have broad and deep skills in SAP Netweaver, servers, database, network and general IS standards and strategies. The successful candidate will have an aptitude for quickly learning new technologies.
  • Ability to lead and manage a team of technical consultants and contribute to programme planning and budget management.
  • Will informally contribute to the development of internal basis and technology architecture skills through the informal support of colleges on other projects and the sharing of skills and experience.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with SAP, hardware partners and strategic software partners


  • Fully understands commercial accountability on project and takes responsibility for ensuring that commitments are met within the margin objectives for the piece of work
  • Can demonstrate leadership and social competence across Lines of Business's and at multiple clients
  • Uses good judgment to quickly make difficult decisions
  • Can effectively hold a one-to-one interview or meeting with client senior management levels
  • Is aware of commercial arrangements with a client in the context of the business development angles being pursued and contributes to these as appropriate
  • Can drive a multi disciplined group including members from all Lines of Business to achieve the required results

Content Excellence:

  • Coaches others using there detailed knowledge and experience of methodology gained by working on multiple projects
  • Able to help a client identify best practice solutions where conflicting requirements exist
  • Able to gain access to knowledge (internally and externally) and keeps up to date with developments in area of content knowledge
  • Creatively uses experience from other clients when completing process design
  • Can deliver complex solutions across a variety of different industry sectors

Delivery Excellence:

  • Maintains senior management interest and buy-in to the process and provides real challenge and pace to a project
  • Can design a programme and delivery plan for an overall project or phase within a major programme
  • Can take an active part in the risk identification and mitigation process across all project activities
  • Can build strong relationships with senior client management based on trust and credibility
  • Able to give strong feedback and coaching to enhance the performance of client or Axon team members in potentially difficult situations

Client Development:

  • Can contribute to the preparation of complex proposals ensuring that client needs are met
  • Understands the legal components of a bid and can contribute to legal review and risk management
  • Identifies and pursues opportunities within existing


  • Extensive hands on experience - Essential
  • Comprehensive experience of leading the design of broad-scope, large, complex SAP architectures - Essential
  • Broad technical team lead experience - Essential
  • Able to demonstrate significant experience of working on broad-scope IT projects including SAP Netweaver, servers of all types, LAN, WAN and complex IS landscapes - Essential
  • Experience in operating in large IS departments belonging to Blue Chip organisations -Essential
  • Strong consulting experience -Essential
Vacancy for: Technical Architect
Location: UK + travel
Aspire Contact: Tony Williams
Phone: +44 (0) 1883 714 770