Preparing For Interview

Do your homework

  • Know exactly where the interview will be and the time that you need to arrive
  • Print off a map and if possible do a dry run the day before
  • Ensure you know who the interviewer will be, how to pronounce their name and his or her title
  • Check who you need to ask for on arrival as this may not be the person who is interviewing you

Read up on the Company

  • Visit their website and look at any press releases or annual sales returns
  • Also read up on their history, parent companies or subsidiaries and principle lines of business
  • Ask the company or recruitment agency if they have any brochures or company literature that you could send you or pop into their offices and pick up a newsletter

Attending Interview

Congratulations, you’ve made it on to the short list and have a date for the interview. You’ve completed all your preparations. Now all you need do is get it right on the day.
Dress correctly. What you choose to wear when you attend an interview speaks volumes about how seriously you want the job. If it is not appropriate to the role, your chances of being offered the post are greatly reduced.
But first things first. One factor you must bear in mind above all else is that you can never, never be late.

Here are some pointers

  • Make sure you look smart - this will normally be a suit
  • Long-sleeve shirts look more professional than short-sleeves
  • Keep your interview outfit special for the day so it isn’t crumpled
  • Ensure shoes are appropriate and are cleaned and polished
  • If you have to carry a CV, certificates, drawings etc use a briefcase not a rucksack
  • If necessary, aim to arrive 30 minutes early - you can always find somewhere to have a coffee
  • If you’re travelling some distance allow for every eventuality
  • As soon as you’ve reached your destination, make sure you can physically locate their reception
  • Report to reception 10 mins before the interview