Closing The Meeting

Closing the meeting

If you get the impression that the interview is not going well and that you have already been rejected don't let your discouragement show. Once in a while an employer who is genuinely interested may seem to discourage you in order to test your reaction.

At the end of the interview you must "close the sale".

When you stand up to leave, look them in the eye, smile, shake hands with them again, and thank them for their time.

If you really feel the job is right for you, tell them:

  • How impressed you are with their organisation. "I really would like to work for this company..."
  • This is exactly the job you’re looking for. "The position is well suited to my career goals."
  • That you feel you could really make a very positive contribution to their business. "I believe I can make an early contribution..."

Failure to "close" at the interview is the biggest problem people have on interviews today.

Closing the meeting

Closing the meeting


Once you have left the interview start thinking about all the positives and any negatives. It is good to talk to your consultant as soon as possible as these thoughts can be discussed and feedback passed on to the employer.

Lastly, but most importantly, call your consultant from the nearest phone after each interview and tell him/her how it went. He/she will want to hear your feedback before they call the interviewer for theirs. If you are keen and interested in the position, your consultant will stress this to the person that interviewed you and this will greatly increase your chances of getting the position.